Sunday, February 3, 2013

tera maintenance -> time for update XD

i might as well share some photos i got from Slut after he returned to England
me with a pillow tied to my ass. there is a proper story after this ! see:
it was 7am and we told Whippy that he has to stay awake & online until we come back from buying pizza. he then said that he's gonna stay online if we go there with a pillow tied around my waist to keep my ass safe. so. yeah. ofc we did it.
 i wouldn't be a very appealing waifu in the kitchen. that face xDD
this couple photo cutting tomatoes together lmao (censoring Slut in case he doesn't want to be on my blog). i have no idea what happened to my face. i'm just looking away from camera but it looks like i don't have a face.
dungeons and dragons xD that alcohol on the table before we even started properly ahaha
 oh yeah ! we went skating :D and these photos just crack me up. i mean. well. lets start with this ^. i look all ok (if we don't count the fact that i literally think i'm going to die if i let go of nemo's hand. oh wait youdidn't know that.)
 here i lose my shit
 shit son
"i got this"
it's not like i needed your help or anything
i should remember to take more photos with my phone >_>
i mean. i don't have any photos of my outfits from the past month XD ugh
"without hands---wait you don't need hands for skating :I oh well, at least i'm not swinging them around like mad.

oh yeah there was a tera competition to choose one picture to color ansd you could get a mount or some santa hat idk
you should've seen me coloring in panic a few hours before they closed the thread xD
oh yeah i just remember this gif:
that's me on ice with skates. except that i never actually fell down ! always managed to grab someone xDD