Monday, February 13, 2012


sorry guys for not updating for a long time
i just started thinking that why haven't i updated my blog but ha ! there is actually a reason and i'm really proud of myself suddenly XD i've been out a lot seeing friends and also spending time at their places. oh and they've been at my place too !
maybe i'm not so pathetic after all~

i've been playing a lot of the sims, tho
i finally got the pets >:--D awwyeaah
and a couple of days ago i got a new waifu ! my first little laptop~ precious little baby *__*
but i won't post a picture of it before i've customized it ohoho

i haven't decided what picture to use, tho....
maybe this?
 aaah it's so hard to choose ;__;

hmm this time i won't make a proper sims entry because i'm just too lazy to edit all of the pictures XD and there are also videos that i simply MUST post here

also i will be back to posting like i used to because i miss properly blogging so much (>3<) i'll just ignore all the creepy stuff. it's not like stalkers/creepers/fakers/copycats hurt me in any way so i guess i shouldn't complain...

oh and i started to use make up again XD well, not much
just know..and..stuff...haha
but even a small line makes a big difference ! no?
or does it look stupid.....hmmh..

by the way i feel so fucking stupid :DD i mean, i've been complaining about my sight (i can't see that well far, in class i never see what's on the board and when i'm on the computer i have to go really close to the screen sometimes to see what i'm doing) for the past 3 years or so XDD
since i have a fear of going out and do stuff alone with people i don't know i haven't been going to get my eyes checked and get glasses
but a few days ago i discovered some reading glasses that i used to use as an accessory yeaaars ago and i tried them on and OMG ;___; MY SCREEN IS CLEAR. now i can't live without these XD but i'll have to go buy a new pair since these are full of scratches haha
but still it's so strange that i can see properly suddenly sahkbdjdkgxzgknm
well, i still won't see the board but at least i can see my screen which i, without doubt, look at much more than anything else XD

hmmm what else~ OH OH OH I FOUND A NEW LOVE
KAGEFUSA MANYUUUUU<3 from Manyuu Hikenchou *__*
haha the uncropped version of this picture amuses me XDDD
hmm so yeah, we watched this anime last week with Heikki and Sami and it was really amusing XD how do i always find animes like these?! haha
or maybe the vodka made it so good...who knows

 ah why is she so cool ;__; the moment i saw her in the opening i was like JKSAhbfjlkzöglnzölgn
hmm what else have i been up to...ah, well, watching anime with Kipsu too XD
..maybe it's time i made this blog 18+?'s not that bad (yet) right? haha

ok ok SIMS SCREENSHOTS but just a few that i've also posted on tumblr (ah i love it how that place is full of damian and colin shippers XD<3)
oh also, here's a picture of a pet that Ayu made me.
before she made it she was like "will you promise to love it and keep it forever" and i was like yeah yeah sure
and then she told me to look away
and when i looked back
there was a monster coming out from the elevator
into my apartment
what even is that thing ;_______; and its peronsality is the worst ever.....oh well, i promised to keep him.....