Thursday, July 17, 2014

so, i promised to update while i'm staying in japan

and i just woke up to a camera's shutter sound because nemo took a picture of me cause i accidentally fell asleep with a vodka bottle next to me ahahahah
XDDDDDDD oh right i could show my current hair:
ren jinguji realness

Thursday, January 16, 2014

BE MY パワー! フィーチャ! うごきだす!

well well
Christmas is over and a new year started huh. so how did my holiday go again...hmm..lessee
before going to Budapest to hang out with my family I was at a small party where we exchanged gifts (i got booze YESH)
(i suppose it's ok to post this drunktard photo since it's from Heikki's twitter XD)
 our Christmas tree in Hungary ↑ (there's one here in Finland too ! i just didn't realize to take a photo..) ahaha it's like a fat midget XD it looked so hilarious we had to buy it...also the decoration was made by me and my dad so it's just a huge mess...
this is from the airport. see that chicken wrap there? i couldn't finish it because i already stuffed myself full of shit. so i wrapped it in the paper and decided to try and embarrass my dad and hide it inside my shirt while looking really suspicious and then i realized that wait a minute, i'm sure Nemo would like to eat some KFC so i took the chicken wrap with me to Finland and gave it to Nemo after 2-3 days AND SHE FUCKING ATE IT ahahahah XDD
 my blog needs more guinea pigs. look at that cute motherfucker
 on the day i arrived to Finland i went to Jopo's to drink and play video games but we ended up having a touching music nostalgia moment and sang karaoke and
 OH MY GOD I'M NEVER GOING TO DRINK RED WINE/GLÖGI AGAIN I FELT SO DAMN SICK AFTER IT LIKE SUPER SICK LIKE THE WORST FEELING EVER and the following day was new year and i couldn't drink and celebrate much at all because the last thing i wanted to see was alcohol XDD
the other day i realized how many black dress shirts i own......oh well, not like it's a bad thing.

have any of you played sweet pool? I spent like 5+ days at Nemo's being completely fucking hammered nonstop and one time when i walked into the kitchen, there was a plate with a cover on it that said "FOR RYU<3"
taking the cover off revealed this:
the moment i saw it i recognized what it was supposed to look like. fucking sweet pool art, that's what it is. Youji pls no ;___;
 LOOK AT THAT FUCKING....FETUS THING. i bit the head off, chew for a (while nemo was next to me describing disgusting stuff) and then immediately went to spit it in the toilet because it tasted so fucking disturbing oh my god XD
this is the result of trying to tie a tie drunk XD i kinda liked it looks like it's on purpose..
during the holiday we played aura kingdom's closed beta and dear god all that lame embarrassing roleplaying. best way to waste time.
Nemo was so in character with her shota kouhai character hahaha 
i've been playing L4D2 a lot lately. the velociraptor mods are so damn cute aaaahhfh hnng. also check out our sprays in the game lol
ah we went to mcdonalds and ordered 80 chicken niglets which disappeared in 15min
here have a face
and this a little gift i gave to Nemocchi. His name is Sebastian.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

pre-christmas stuff

 haha when i get told that it's a girly thing to wear make up or do your hair and hear something like "is your boyish phase over" i go like pfft if you only knew. especially in the world of cosplay or..idk, visual kei lol. the more make up i wear the manlier i feel (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

 nemo's been active again with chinjis ! this is my wallpaper now XD dat talent. dem chins. dayum.
i bleached and dyed my hair the other day. when choosing the red dye in the store nemo was like "ah, like kagamicchi's hair?" and i was like lol no way that it would look like kagamicchi's hair haha but.......if i'm wearing black and take a picture my hair looks shorter because the black blends in with the clothes AND OH MY GOD SHE WAS RIGHT T_T IT IS LIKE KAGAMICCHI'S HAIR and i'm using red contacts 50% of the time ...... accidental chibikagami lol nuuuu i even own a wig like that
i went to a pre-christmas party (where i didn't even know the people really oh my god imagine ryu went somewhere and met random people this is so ooc) and i had a lot of fun ! in the picture you can see the gift we made with nemo (buy a children's book and change every face and make it fucking ugly beautiful).
and the wrapping paper was self-made too
i'll never get over the fact that we used hours on doing these fucking faces XDDDDDD jesus christ what is life. anyway, i've come to the conclusion that otakus are sugoi indeed. you can play a drinking game with them where you count nipples in some...was it futanariorjustrandomhentaiidon'tremember -manga and have to drink the amount of nipples you see on one page (i might've added a few extra nipples since i happened ot have a pen in my hand). best drinking gme ever.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

seki shiki meikai haaaaaa

 yosh hey everyone ! the inner saint seiya fangirl has woken up in me after a long time XD so i've been playing it on ps a lot (and started reading the manga again) cancer deathmask and manigoldo are my husbandos ;_;
 the free! town :D ew the house looks horrible but since i'm playing with mako+haru household i can't change rei+nagisa's house unless i switch to them
 rin and ai XD
 i'm still doing some finishing touches on them all (for example rin's shark teeth come through his chin when he's smiling........ah i should take a ss of it some time)
 XD oh my god rei ended up so bishie
 and nagisa is just creepy. still need fixing...
and the usual face picture that is a must 
;__; pico sleeping on my lap

here's what i've been listening to today:

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

furii sims

i think Mako is the best sims i've ever created LOOK AT THAT INNOCENT LOVEABLE FACE (must be yandere)
sometimes you just gotta look dead
;__; makochaaan (yes i'm ignoring haru)
so yeah uh today i looked in the mirror like "damn i look tired" and then i thought "why not make it even worse so it looks like it's on purpose". nailed it. btw i'm creeped out by how big my eye looks in this XD must be the angle...i considered editing it smaller but wouldn't that just be weird because in the end i should be happy for a big anime eye :V

sims under cut
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓